Monday, 16 January 2017

The Devotion to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus. 14.


7. They place all their trust in the Heart of Jesus and consequently to it they have recourse in all their necessities. Above all, when assaulted by temptation they seek strength, help, and protection from the divine Heart. No heart loves us so truly, so fondly, no heart throbs with such profound compassion for us as that of Our Lord. When He saw any one in affliction He was "moved with mercy;" (Luke vii. 13) after His death He caused His Heart to be opened, and after His Resurrection He was pleased to retain His sacred wounds that we might find in them a sure refuge. In the season of temptation hide thyself, O Christian, in the divine Heart, and the tempter will no longer dare to assault or persecute thee.

In all sufferings and vexations they fly to the Heart of Jesus. It is the Heart of Him who said: "Come to Me all you that labour and are burdened, and I will refresh you." (Matt. xi. 28) In fact the grief of those who, with all confidence, lay before Him their sorrows and sufferings loses all its poignancy. Therefore commit to the care of the divine Heart whatever troubles and oppresses you, whatever disquiets and perplexes you, and you will experience His consolations and your soul will be filled with strength and courage, with patience and hopeful endurance.

In all the difficulties, in all the vicissitudes of life they turn at once to the divine Heart. Either they make a novena, or a triduum, or they pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, or practise some other devotion, in order to obtain enlightenment and strength, to implore that some undertaking may prosper, some work meet with success, that a danger or misfortune threatening them may be averted, a sick friend or acquaintance be restored to health, a sinner be converted, etc. The Messenger of the Sacred Heart affords striking proof of the unbounded confidence wherewith the faithful in all lands have recourse in all their necessities to the Heart of Jesus, and the favors and blessings with which Our Lord rewards their faith, in fulfilment of His gracious promise.