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The Devotion to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus. 42.


3. The second degree is composed of those who to the practices of the first degree—that is to say, to the prayer by which they unite themselves to the Sacred Heart interceding with the Father for the advancement of the divine glory—add other prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to implore the aid of so powerful a mother, and obtain for themselves her assistance in this pious work of procuring the salvation of souls. These associates recite once a day one Our Father and ten Hail Marys for the intention which is proposed to them, with the approbation of the Roman Pontiff, at the be ginning of each month. They must not, how ever, on this account be considered as enrolled in the pious work of the Living Rosary, nor bound by the laws that govern it, and which require its members while praying to meditate upon some mystery assigned to them by lot, and to be distributed into bands composed of fifteen members.

4. The third degree is composed of those who, performing at least the duties of the first degree, endeavor besides to remove the obstacles which might prevent our prayers to God for the salvation of souls from being fruitful. For this end, every month or every week, according to the tenor of the brief dated Feb. 10, 1882, they make the communion of reparation, by which they strive to appease the Sacred Heart of Jesus, provoked to wrath by the sins of men, and to render Him propitious to our prayers. Therefore all those who are enrolled in this third degree and make the aforesaid communion according to the rules of the pious work of the Communion of Reparation, are constituted members of this association and gain its indulgences.

5. Likewise, although the pious confraternity called the "Holy Hour" is distinct from the pious association of the Apostleship of Prayer, all the associates of the Apostleship of Prayer who practise aright the pious exercises of the Holy Hour, in order to appease the Sacred Heart of Jesus outraged by the injuries of men, and to render Him favorable to our prayers, have a right to all the spiritual graces which are granted to those who perform this pious exercise by the rescript of Pius IX., May 13, 1875, and the brief of Leo XIII., March 30, 1886. But it is not lawful for any one to add other pious works to the apostleship, although the faculties which the ordinaries of places possess, each for his own diocese, remain intact.

6. Those of the faithful admitted into this association who are distinguished by their piety and burning zeal for souls, being there fore named promoters, should endeavor by every means to advance daily more and more the glory of God, the salvation of souls, and the worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, ac cording to the statutes of the apostleship. Wherefore let them meet together at stated times to determine on all those things which may seem most suitable to obtain this end.

7. The principal seat or centre of the association is established at Toulouse. The director-general, however, is the Father-General of the Society of Jesus for the time being, who can delegate his office to another selected by him, who is to reside at Toulouse.

8. Besides the director-general there shall be also diocesan directors and local directors for every centre of the apostleship. The diocesan directors, who are to be designated by the ordinaries within their own dioceses, shall be appointed either by the then Father-General of the Society of Jesus, or by the director-general whom the father-general has delegated at Toulouse. The local directors of every centre shall be appointed, with the approbation of the ordinary, by the diocesan director. Both the diocesan directors and the local directors shall also be subject to the ordinary in all that concerns the aforesaid works, those things only excepted which come under the statutes approved by the Holy See.

9. For the enrolment of associates it is sufficient that local directors inscribe their names in the register of the church or religious institution where the apostleship is established, and give them certificates without the necessity of transmitting the list to the principal centre.

10. The indulgences and other graces hitherto granted or extended by the Sovereign Pontiffs in favor of the aforesaid practices of the apostle ship are to remain in vigor.