Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Devotion to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus. 10.




4. They practise special devotions on the first Friday of every month. The first Friday of the month is observed in a special manner because Our Lord enjoined upon B. Margaret to receive holy communion on the first Friday of every month in order to repair the irreverence's committed during the month in presence of the Blessed Sacrament, and also because He indicated to her certain devotional exercises to be practised on the first Friday of the month for the purpose of obtaining the grace of final perseverance. Accordingly, following her ex ample, it is their wont, besides receiving holy communion, to offer some additional prayers, such as acts of adoration, of love, of propitiation, of oblation, etc. Throughout the day they are careful to preserve greater recollection of heart and to perform all their duties more diligently, in order to testify their love to Our Lord and obtain the grace they desire. In accordance with the instructions concerning the observance of the day which B. Margaret received from Our Lord's lips, at eventide they weave out of all the devotions practised during the day, as it were, a mystic wreath, which they offer to Him for His solace and to make atonement for the pain inflicted on Him by the sharp points of the crown of thorns which He wore on account of their sins.

5. They offer some prayer or pious exercise daily in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As the clients of Our Lady do not allow a day to pass without invoking the intercession of the Mother of God and offering some devotion in her honour, so the adorers of the Sacred Heart do not permit a day to pass without showing some mark of their veneration and love to the Heart of Jesus.

The following short act of consecration is enriched with an indulgence of 100 days to be gained once daily if recited with a contrite heart before a picture of the Sacred Heart:

"O my most amiable Jesus! in token of my gratitude to Thee, and in order to make some amends for my many acts of unfaithfulness to Thee. I give Thee my heart! I consecrate myself wholly to Thee, and I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, never more to sin against Thee."

For priests and candidates for the priesthood the following act of consecration is peculiarly suited: "