Wednesday, 2 November 2016

On All Souls' day Venerable Archangela Panigarola, had an apparition of her guardian angel

The Venerable Archangela Panigarola, prioress of St. Martha's convent in Milan, on All Souls' day had an apparition of her guardian angel who led her in spirit through Purgatory. Among other souls she saw that of her father. As soon as he recognized her he exclaimed, "O Archangela, my daughter! How can you forget your unfortunate father, suffering so terribly here! I saw so many souls released by your prayers; but me, your father, to whom you owe so much, you have forgotten." Archangela was greatly agitated at hearing this plaintive reproach; but her guardian angel said to her, "God has permitted it thus, because thy father during his life neglected the care of his salvation and had no charity for the Suffering Souls."

From The Condition of the Suffering souls in Purgatory, by Rev. John A. Nageleisen. § 61. The Suffering Souls Assist Their Benefactors in Death and at the Tribunal of Judgment.